Financial Planning for Business Owners

When you own a business, your financial picture takes on additional complexities. There are increasing questions about investment options and critical financial decisions.

  • Where should I invest additional revenue: Put it back into the business? Purchase property? Invest more in the market?
  • What are my optimal tax strategies?
  • Am I offering the right employee compensation plans?
  • Could I improve my business loan readiness?
  • How does debt management and cash flow impact my succession plans?

Every opportunity comes with more decisions to make.

As a business owner, you wear many hats and managing your investments doesn’t have to be one of them. The Executive Wealth Management team will work with you on the following services you may need, including:

  • Succession Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Insurance
  • Detailed Financial Planning

As we learn about the financial goals you have for yourself, your family, and your business, we will work to provide you with reliable advice and recommendations. We want to be there for you while you work through issues that impact your wealth-building goals, from startup to succession.

While you're managing your business, we’re working to manage your custom investment portfolio. “Build, defend, and advance” isn’t just a slogan. It’s the investment philosophy we bring to every client. Our fee-based financial advisors are committed to serve as fiduciaries and work toward your best interest.

Invest strategically in you, and the future of your business, with an experienced advisor and the team at Executive Wealth Management. Contact us today to schedule a meeting to discuss your questions.