Financial Planning for Life's Events

From picking the right college to enjoying your retirement and all of life’s moments in between, prepping for your future financial dreams can start today. The Executive Wealth Management team is here to help you create a custom financial plan to help you prepare for the events you’re planning and be prepared for those life throws your way.

How to Create a Financial Plan to Help Weather Life’s Events

Consultation: At your first meeting, your EWM financial advisor will talk with you about your current financial situation, wealth-building goals, and help answer any questions you may have to help you build a sustainable financial plan. During this conversation, we will discuss how life’s events, both planned and the unexpected, can impact your financial future, including:  

  • Paying for Education
  • Graduation
  • Marriage or Divorce
  • Relocation
  • Loss of a Loved One
  • Career Changes
  • Inheritance
  • Birth of Your Children
  • Legacy Planning
  • Retirement

Holistic Financial Planning: Once we have reviewed your current financial picture, goals, and objectives, we provide you, as our client, with a comprehensive financial plan.

During this session, we help you create a plan that helps account for these events, allowing you to continue to save and prep for your current and future financial goals without being derailed by the circumstances along the way. 

As you meet regularly with your EWM financial advisor, you’ll review your financial plan in light of any adjustments that need to be made in your plan.  Tailored changes better accommodate the seasons of your life and help keep your long-term financial goals on track. 

Insurance / Risk Management: A significant component in reducing risk and accounting for life events in your financial plan is through identifying appropriate insurance coverage. Each individual has unique risk management needs, which may include life insurance, guaranteed income, and long-term care insurance. Insurance products are not necessarily right for every client, and your EWM financial advisor will discuss with you how you can proactively reduce your risk exposure.

As we work through your financial plan, some of your risk management needs can be met through qualified insurance products. Many Executive Wealth Management Private Wealth Advisors are also licensed insurance agents and are qualified to help you understand when and if these products are right in your situation. If so, your advisor will assist you in choosing the proper levels and types of insurance to help reduce risk in your financial plan.

Events in our lives, whether joyful or tragic, can cause us to become emotionally clouded. It can be overwhelming to accommodate financially for these occasions in-the-moment. Your financial advisor can serve as your coach to assist you with financial decisions that are impacted by life events. By helping you incorporate potential life events directly into your financial plan, you can make sound financial, non-emotional decisions, helping you follow through with your long-term plan.

There’s no way to know what the future holds, but by building a financial plan now, you can be better prepared for life’s events tomorrow.

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